Documentation Needed for ADHD Medication

Your Campus Health provider needs clear objective documentation of the testing done to diagnose your ADHD in order to prescribe the appropriate medication for you on a regular basis.

The following documentation must be included when requesting stimulant medication for ADHD. 

A copy of the psychological evaluation report from the provider (psychologist or neuropsychologist) who diagnosed your ADHD. We have compiled a list of ADHD testing providers in the area for your convenience. This report must contain:

  1. Your name, date of birth, and the date of the psychoeducational evaluation
  2. Provider name (printed), office address and contact information, specialty, signature, and date of report
  3. Tests performed, which must include all of the following:
    • Cognitive/intelligence test (WAIS-IV or Stanford-Binet 5, RIAS-2, Woodcock Johnson-IV)
    • Achievement test (Woodcock-Johnson IV, WIAT)
    • Test of sustained attention (TOVA or CPT)
    • Self-report forms for ADHD/ADD (e.g., Brown or Conners)
    • Collateral information from relevant individuals (may include Brown or Conners forms filled out by parents/caregivers/partners)
  4. Comprehensive diagnostic interview, which must include:
    • Complete psychosocial and educational history
    • Complete mental health and medical history, including current treatment regimen and medications (if applicable)
    • Current symptoms
  5. Clinical evaluation, which must include:
    • All test results and scores
    • Interpretation of test results
    • Diagnosis  
    • Summary and recommendations

How to Submit Documentation

Submit the above documentation in one of the following ways:

  • Bring these documents to your next visit with your assigned provider
  • Fax documents to Campus Health at 919-966-4605, Attn: Health Information Management
  • Email documents to

Stimulant Medication Contract

Additionally, all students being prescribed stimulant medication must agree to and sign the stimulant medication contract.

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