Meet Lindsey Harrigan

January 2, 2020

Lindsey Harrigan is a nutritionist at Campus Health, joining Annie Penrose and expanding the availability of nutrition appointments. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Dietetics and then did her internship and received her master’s degree from Loyola University. Harrigan spent the last 13 years working at Loyola in student health providing nutrition services. After relocating to North Carolina, she was thrilled to see a position in college health at UNC that fit her health-at-every-size philosophy around general nutrition services and skills supporting people with eating disorders.

Harrigan loves doing nutrition work on a college campus. “For many students, it’s their first time navigating health care, taking responsibility and ownership of their own health…they are on campus to learn and so tend to also be receptive to nutrition education.” That kind of environment, she says, sets up an ideal environment to help people navigate what and how to eat.

When asked to give students health advice, Harrigan said, “A bad food does not exist. ALL foods fit! We don’t need to have guilt or shame around what we choose to eat.” This kind of perspective matches the philosophy of Campus Health by using an inclusive, positive approach to eating and health.

If Harrigan wasn’t a nutritionist, she would likely be a meteorologist. “I’m fascinated by the weather,” she says. “People make fun of me because I run on a treadmill watching the weather channel.”

You can find Harrigan in the remodeled Sports Medicine wing on the first floor of Campus Health providing one-on-one nutrition services, at nutrition outreach events, or at one of the recreation facilities watching the weather.

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