Meet Dr. Kyle Tamminga

November 15, 2019

Dr. Kyle Tamminga is a primary care provider in the clinics of Campus Health. He did his med school in Minneapolis, Minnesota and came to North Carolina for his residency at UNC Family Medicine. His wife is a Tar Heel alumnus, and their families reside nearby, making the position at UNC an easy fit. 

Working at Campus Health fits because Dr. Tamminga loves working with students. During his residency, Tamminga supported a group of students on campus who were interested in family medicine and greatly enjoyed their energy, perspectives and excitement. He relished his time mentoring those students and looks forward to continuing to interact with students interested in a career in medicine. Dr. Tamminga loves building relationships with students and staff alike, and is excited to “put down roots in the clinic” over the next few years. When asked for what advice he would give students, he said “I know it’s easy to take your health for granted. Establish healthy habits now with eating and movement which can go a long way as you age.”

While primary care providers need to have interest and experiences in a wide-range of topics, Dr. Tamminga has a special interest and experiences with in musculoskeletal care, mental health and procedures.

A self-described “science nerd,” Dr. Tamminga loves birds. He took an ornithology class in college and loved it, and now hopes to get his daughter interested in birding as well by taking her to nature spaces nearby with binoculars.

You can find Dr. Tamminga in the primary care clinic of Campus Health or visiting local favorite birding locations.

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