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May 8, 2019

UNC-Charlotte students living and/or working in the Triangle who are eligible to access the UNC-Charlotte Student Health Center and CAPS will be eligible to access UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Health, CAPS and Pharmacy through the summer months until the Fall Semester begins in Charlotte. Those with the Student Health Insurance Plan will  have the same campus health center benefits and coverages as if they are accessing services at UNC-Charlotte.  Students will not be charged a Summer Health Fee.  UNC-Chapel Hill will bill students’ health insurance (inclusive of the student plan as well as all other private insurance plans) for those services not covered by the UNC Chapel Hill Health Fee such as Labs, X-Rays, Prescriptions, Medication Management visits, Procedures and Immunizations.  Students will be invoiced for all charges remaining after insurance has paid; UNC-Chapel Hill will be unable to place charges on the UNC-Charlotte student account.


For Accessing Medical Services (including Psychiatry):

  • Students call Patient Accounts at 919-966-6588 to be put into the UNC Chapel Hill system; once their information has been entered into the system, students will be transferred to the appropriate extension for making an Appointment OR
  • Students may walk in for services and will be asked to visit Patient Accounts on our 2nd floor for information entry into the system prior to accessing care.

Students must present with a current UNC-Charlotte photo identification card and current health insurance card (and Rx benefit card if accessing the Pharmacy).


For Accessing Counseling Services (CAPS):

Students call 919-966-6588 or visit Patient Accounts on our 2nd floor to be put into the UNC Chapel Hill system.

CAPS operates on a non-appointment, walk in triage basis; students may access services Monday-Friday 9a-12noon, 1p-4p.

For Urgent Needs, students may call CAPS directly at 919-966-3658 Monday-Friday 8a-5p.



UNC Chapel Hill Campus Health, CAPS and Pharmacy Summer Hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.