Meet Dr. Tracy Kendrick

Meet Dr. Tracy Kendrick
December 10, 2019
Photo of Dr. Kendrick

Dr. Tracy Kendrick is a physician in the primary care clinics.

Dr. Kendrick hails from Louisiana, and attended Louisiana State University for her undergraduate degree, medical school, and residency. She has worked in the triangle in many positions including as a hospital doctor and in outpatient medical care. Dr. Kendrick is excited to work with the younger, healthier population at UNC and helping her patients develop lifelong habits for good health.

UNC offers many assets that appeal to Dr. Kendrick, including the beautiful outdoor spaces. “I often walk on my lunch break and love the feeling of being on a college campus,” she said. Dr. Kendrick noted the feeling of being at a large, state university like UNC reminds her of when she was at LSU.

Dr. Kendrick’s goals for being on campus include becoming part of the Campus Health and UNC family and taking great care of her student patients. “I’m a well-rounded physician,” she said. “I was trained in internal medicine and pediatrics, so I’m used to caring for a wide range of health issues.” Her health advice focused on getting enough sleep and exercise. “If you get both of those things accomplished and make them a priority, a lot of ailments would not be as prevalent and overall folks would feel much better,” Dr. Kendrick advised.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Kendrick is a big fan of sports. “I get way more into sports than I should,” she said. “Football, baseball, basketball, soccer – I watch them all.” LSU and the New Orleans Saints are her favorite teams, and she noted that UNC is high on the list of local teams as well. As a child, Dr. Kendrick played soccer and later worked as a bat girl for the LSU baseball team. She now has kids of her own and coaches her daughter’s soccer team. “My son thinks I take care of everyone on campus so when he watches UNC football games he thinks they are all my patients,” she laughed.

You can find Dr. Kendrick in the primary care clinic of Campus Health, coaching her daughter’s soccer games or watching sports with her family.