Meet Dr. Lakasha White

Meet Dr. Lakasha White
July 12, 2019

Dr. Lakasha White is a Nurse Practitioner with Campus Health Gynecology. Dr. White has focused on the nursing field as her profession for as long as she can remember. She always aspired to be in nursing. She now holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nursing from Winston-Salem State University, as well as a Doctor of Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Dr. White's passion led her to specialize in gynecological health for the last 13 years: starting her career as Labor and Delivery Nurse and later working in public health.  During her tenure at the health department, Dr. White concentrated on family planning; gynecology wellness; sexually transmitted infections; and breast and cervical cancer screening programs. She pursued her doctorate to become a professor, but after seeing this position opening at UNC Campus Health, Dr. White detoured into working with college students as a provider.

Dr. White's many years of gynecological experience gives her a strong understanding of long-acting reversible contraception options, birth control management, abnormal uterine bleeding, and management of sexually transmitted infections – including how to converse with patients about these sensitive issues and supporting them in risk reduction. Her approach to student care is prevention and shared decision making.  Dr. White likes working with and helping students make safe reproductive choices.

As a student, Dr. White received on-campus health care through student health services. She valued her ability to go to class and have a nearby place for convenient healthcare. Consequently, part of her reason for seeking this position is to pay forward the care and guidance she received. Dr. White even promoted the way Campus Health offers such unique care. She states, "One of the things I'm most excited about is that here we can provide integrative and collaborative care for the students including gynecology, counseling, pharmacy, physical therapy, and primary care all in one place. It's a medical home for the students." Dr. White noted that this collaborative model allows her to connect students with resources while supporting their success. In comparison to her work with the health department, cost was often a barrier against connecting patients to resources. Dr. White appreciates such accessibility here at UNC considering that the resource is usually available without charge. In essence, the main barrier for students is either not knowing the resource exists or how to access it.

Dr. White's goals for her position at Campus Health Gynecology are to be known as a student-centered, understanding provider and develop more collaboration with Student Wellness Sexual Health Education and Promotion. When asked what advice she would give students, Dr. White said, "These are your college years! Have fun, and focus on academics, as well as health. This is the time where your decisions begin to build a foundation for a lifetime, which impacts your future wellness and success."

You can find Dr. White on the third floor of Campus Health in Gynecology possibly dancing to Justin Timberlake or belting out “I've Had the Time of My Life.”