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2018-2019 Campus Health Advisory Board
November 5, 2018

Meet your 2018 - 2019 Campus Health Advisory Board members.

The Campus Health Advisory Board includes (front row L to R):  Emma Caponigro, Madeline Ray, Lauren Kulp (2nd row L to R) Chika Adiele, Laura Raffield, Adam Farag, Srividya Kalyanaraman, and Aja Crayton. Not pictured: Melanie Langness, Laeticia Meyrueix.

These students and post-docs attend regular meetings at Campus Health to provide insight from a student and post-doc perspective on CHS services and programs. Please contact any of these folks with ideas for Campus Health. 

Emma Caponigro

  • Junior Health Policy and Management major with minors in Chemistry and Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Activities: Mental Health Task Force of Student Government, the pre-health society Alpha Epsilon Delta, Disability Advisory Committee, research at the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Buckley Public Service Scholars Program
  • Health and Medical Interest: Mental health, Health policy, Quality of and access to care, Disability health rights, Sexual health
  • Why CHAB? "I have experience with multiple facets of health care as the Co-Director of the Mental Health Task Force of Student Government and through my major, internships, shadowing and my own experience as a patient. ON CHAB, I will use these experiences to advocate for the wellness of all students while remembering that my experiences do not represent everyone else's experiences and looking at health through an intersectional lens. 
  • Contact:

Madeline Ray

  • Senior Human Development and Family Studies major with a minor in Spanish for the Medical Professions
  • Activities: Founder of Adoption Education, International Friends table host and conversation partner, Buckley Public Service Scholar, Campus Crusades for Christ
  • Health and medical interests: Child life, neurology, mental health, and disability rights
  • Why CHAB? "I serve on CHAB to communicate student feedback. As a student with a complex health condition and invisible disabilities, I provide a unique insight that allows Campus Health to meet the needs of all students." 
  • Contact:

Lauren Kulp

  • 4th year Graduate Student getting a dual degree Master's of Social Work and Juris Doctorate 
  • Activities: Graduate and Professional School Attorney General Staff and Honor Court, Legal Immigration Clinic, Law Students Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Veterans Advocacy Legal Organization
  • Health and Medical Interests: Social Worker, Overall mental and physical health
  • Why CHAB? "Behavioral health consultant at Campus Health, prevention of and response to sexual and domestic violence"
  • Contact: 

Chika Adiele

  • First year Exercise and Sports Science Major
  • Activities: Zankilawe Dance, SPARK, Carolina Pre-Med, UNC HOSA, NC-HCAP, Xcel
  • Health and medical interests: Mental health, physical health, preventative medicine, healthy eating and habits, and pediatric care/development
  • Why CHAB? "Wanting to spread awareness of mental health specifically pertaining towards college students and minority individuals, help people realize the importance of self-care in living a balanced life, and be an advocate for students needs in their health."
  • Contact: 

Laura Raffield

  • Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Genetics
  • Why CHAB? "Represent the unique interests of postdoctoral fellows in decisions concerning access to Campus Health Services and health insurance coverage, and convey information on these issues to other postdoctoral fellows, for whom health care coverage is often a major concern in terms of financial and personal wellbeing."
  • Contact:

Adam Farag

  • Junior Psychology and AAAD double major
  • Activities: Men's Project through Student Wellness, Mu Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Volunteer with Motivation and Identity development psychology lab in Davie under Dr. Beth Hurtz-Costes and Dr. Liz Adams
  • Health and medical interests: Substance abuse disorder interventions, treatment and recovery
  • Why CHAB? "It's a unique opportunity to serve on a board whose role pertains to my future career as a substance abuse therapist. It also gives me a chance to be a representative for underrepresented and marginalized groups on campus."
  • Contact:

Srividya Kalyanaraman

  • Will receive graduate degree in Biostatistics 2019
  • Activities: GPSF Director of Student Affairs, Carolina Grad Student F1RSTS Advisory Board, Community Policy Academy Graduate, Allied Minorities and Women in Science and Engineering (AM-WISE). Trained in Safe Zone, HAVEN, One Act, Embody Carolina, Green Zone, Rethink Psychiatric Illness, USA Mental Health First Aid
  • Health and medical interests: Intersection of chronic physical illness and mental health, impact of medical leave on students, social neuroscience, access to health resources in communities
  • Why CHAB? "I want to advocate for and represent the health needs of the graduate and professional student community. We cannot succeed as students without succeeding as healthy human beings first!"
  • Contact:

Aja Crayton

  • Senior Political Science and African, African American and Diaspora Studies majors, pre-medicine track
  • Activities: Habitat for Humanity, Nation Council of Negro Women, Sister Talk, Minority Association for Pre-Health Students, and Xcel STEM Minority Advising Program
  • Health and medical interests: Obstetrics and gynecology, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, Health disparities, Postoperative care and OB/GYN cancers
  • Why CHAB? "I aspire to become an Obstetrician Gynecologist, and later in life, I plan to enter politics. I want to become a doctor because I am truly passionate about women - particularly women of color (being that I am one). Through becoming an OB/GYN I will have the opportunity to educate these women about their bodies and its interworking, and be able to move beyond the education by "curing" them as well. The opportunity to educate and cure simultaneously is one that I cannot pass up. There is not a lot of representation in healthcare and even politics for minorities, whether it be in research or doctoral representation. Thus I constantly use my passions to diversify these fields. This past summer, I studied Human Rights and Democratic Governance in Malawi. There I gained an experience that I will never forget. I was able to work on drafting ideas and helped draft a proposal aimed at increasing women's representation in politics. I recently found out that the proposal was awarded $100,000. I look forward to many more experiences, like the previous, where my passions contributed to the greater good. This is the exact reason as to why I am excited to be serving on the Campus Health Advisory Board."
  • Contact:

Melanie Langness

  • Senior Political Science major
  • Activities: Intramural soccer
  • Health and medical interests: Women's health, sexual assault prevention and response, sexual health
  • Why CHAB? Co-Chair of the Student Safety and Wellness Committee in Undergraduate Executive Student Government
  • Contact:

Laetitia Meyrueix

  • 3rd year Nutrition PhD Student
  • Activities: Co-Editor-in-Chief of NUTS, GPSF External Appointment for SLAB, Writer & Editor for SWAC, Scholar in the Leadership Development Scholars Program
  • Health and medical interests: Public health, nutrition, diabetes, obesity, mental health, preventative medicine, reproductive health
  • Why CHAB? I am interested in advocating for the needs of the graduate and professional students at UNC. Health is integral to student success and it is important to communicate the needs of graduate and professional students.
  • Contact: