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2017-2018 Campus Health Advisory Board
September 26, 2017

Meet your 2017 - 2018 Campus Health Advisory Board members.

The Campus Health Advisory Board includes (front row L to R): Sarah Leck, Madeline Ray, Trey Sullivan, Nikolas Stasulli, Marketa Burnett, Destiny Guzman, Katie Bess Hilbinger, Treasure Williams. Not pictured: Alex DiRuzza. These students and post-docs attend regular meetings at Campus Health to provide insight from a student and post-doc perspective on CHS services and programs. Please contact any of these folks with ideas for Campus Health. 

Sarah Leck

  • Senior, Hispanic Linguistics major.
  • Activities: Chief of Staff for the Undergraduate Executive Branch of Student Goverment, overseeing 11 policy area committees. Co-chair of Embody Carolina, UNC's eating disorder advoacy organization. Member of Campus Y Cabinet. 
  • Health and medical interests: Eating disorder and mental health advocacy; disability rights activism and advocacy; reproductive health and justice, especially regarding sexual health, birth control and treatment for endometriosis. Approaching all health and medical issues through an intersectional lense and looking at how these issues are affected by and affect our students' different identities. 
  • Why CHAB? "I am excited to be serving on the Campus Health Advisory Board to represent student feedback, concerns and ideas directly to those in the leaderhsip of student health services. As a passionate mental health advocate, I think it is incredibly important that our university's health resources are intersectional, accessible, and truly serving the needs of every student on campus."
  • Contact: 

Madeline Ray

  • Junior Human Development and Family Studies major with a minor in Spanish for hte Medical Professionals
  • Activities: Founder of Adoption Education, International Friends table host and conversation partner, Buckley Public Service Scholar, Campus Crusades for Christ
  • Health and medical interests: Child life
  • Why CHAB? "I serve on CHAB to advocate for the needs of my peers. As as tudent with a complex health condition and invisible disabilities, I provide a unique insight that allows Campus Health to meet the needs of all students." 
  • Contact:

Trey Sullivan

  • Sophomore, pre-Business
  • Why CHAB?: Executive Assistant in Student Body Vice President's Office

Nikolas Stasulli

  • Postdoctoral fellow
  • Activities: SPIRE Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Why CHAB? "Having family members with chronic conditions, I know how important it is to take care of their health. I want to make sure that lal members of the UNC community know their benefits to be able to best take care of themselves."
  • Contact:

Marketa Burnett

  • 1st year doctoral student
  • Activities: Initiative for Minority Excellence
  • Health and medical interests: Mental health
  • Why CHAB? "Love being an advocate for all students and ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and they are aware of all resources available to them."
  • Contact:

Katie Bess Hilbinger

  • ​2nd year - Master of Social Work Student, BA in Psychology
  • Health and medical interests: Integrated Behavioral Health, Health Equity, Violence Prevention
  • Why CHAB? "I am currently interning as the Behavioral Health Consultant in Campus Health's Primary Care Clinic."
  • Contact:

Treasure Williams

  • Senior Psychology and History Major
  • Activities: Healthy Heels Ambassador, member of the HIstory Department USC
  • Health and medical interests: Clinical psychology
  • Why CHAB? "A representative of Healthy Heels Ambassadors"
  • Contact:

Not pictured:

Alex DiRuzza

  • Senior Business Administration and Hispanic Literature Major
  • Activities: Student Government, Admissions Ambassador, Greek Life
  • Health and medical interests: Mental Health
  • Why CHAB? "I am very passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy and hope to collaborate with the CHAB to find ways in which Student Government and CHAB can increase awareness and work on initiatives and projects that support our students needs and well-being."
  • Contact: