ADD - ADHD Testing and Diagnosis

Wondering if an ADD - ADHD evaluation makes sense for you?

If you choose to be evaluated, you will need to meet with a psychologist for a psycho-educational evaluation, which includes IQ and Academic and Attention testing. Testing can be time-consuming and expensive. Evaluations are often divided into more than one session. Shop around before choosing a provider, as each provider has their own fee scale for their services. We have compiled a list of area resources for ADD - ADHD testing for your use, as these evaluations are not done on campus. For more information on financial resources to help offset the cost of evaluation, see the Learning Center's website.

The psychologist will analyze your test results to identify strengths, weaknesses and patterns in cognitive functioning as well as possible disabilities, and share these results with you in a written report.

You have the option of sharing the findings of the evaluation with UNC’s Accessibility Resources and Service, the office responsible for providing students with disabilities of all kinds with reasonable accommodations. 

If you are diagnosed with ADD - ADHD and choose to take stimulant medication, Campus Health requires specific documentation in order to write your prescription.