Rashida Parker

Rashida Parker
Pharmacy Technician

Originally from:  Rashida is from Chapel Hill, NC.   

Professional/Educational Background: Rashida graduated from Campbell University with a Behavioral Science degree.

Joined Campus Health: Fall 2019

Family: Her parents are married and she has two younger brothers.  

Hobbies/Sports:  She really likes football and basketball and she enjoys doing Vinyasa style hot yoga.

Books/ Movies/Podcasts: The Harry Potter series are her favorite books and her favorite movie is Finding Nemo.     

Pets: Rashida has an Albino Female Ball Python, three Bearded Dragon Lizards, two Olde English Bulldogges,  and one North American Mastiff.

Interesting Fact: Rashida is a professional dog breeder and dog trainer. She plans to be the first person in North Carolina to introduce the North American Mastiff breed.