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Message from the Executive Director

Ken Pittman, Director of Campus Health, offers his welcome to students in the video below.


Hi! Welcome to Campus Health and to Counseling and Psychological Services. I'm Ken Pittman, Director of Campus Health and on behalf of Dr. Allen O'Barr, director of CAPS and nearly 200 staff members, we are committed to doing our very best to provide you with expert, student focused inclusive health care so that you can thrive during your time at Carolina.

We are one of 17 college health centers to be accredited by the Joint Commission and last year we experienced over 82,000 visits and our pharmacies dispensed over 62,000 prescriptions. These are numbers we are very proud of because they represent the significant impact we have on students, post-docs and their spouses and partners.

I must tell you that I can hardly believe that I've been in healthcare management for, gosh, nearly 25 years and I've learned a few things during that period of time. And here is something that I say to individuals all the time - that I'll say to you. The care that you receive at Campus Health and CAPS will be among the best health care you receive during your lifetime. From our access to services, the scope of services we provide, our coordination of care from highly qualified, compassionate providers, and quite frankly our laser focus on caring for you during a particular stage in your development - those are all things that it will be difficult for you to find among other health care providers within the region.

So please trust us and choose us when you have reason for medical or psychological services, and provide us with the privilege of being an integral part of your Carolina experience.