What is the Campus Health Fee?

The Campus Health Fee is a fee that any eligible student at UNC-Chapel Hill pays through fees/tuition each term. It is a mandatory fee. By state law, Campus Health receives no taxpayer dollars for its operation. All services are supported by the Campus Health fee and fee-for-services such as lab tests, x-rays and various medical procedures. 

What does the Campus Health fee cover?

Costs for access to primary care professionals are covered by the Campus Health fee; it also funds health promotion and violence prevention services provided by Student Wellness. Specialty care, extended services and diagnostics support services (lab, x-ray) are covered by fee-for-service which helps cover operating costs. The Campus Health fee covers most of the professional services offered by Campus Health staff. For details see Campus Health Fee.

What are the options regarding payment of fee-for-service charges?

The student has the option to pay at the time of service. Campus Health can accept the UNC One Card, HSA Cards, cash, check, or credit/debit card (MasterCard or Visa). Another option is to request charges be placed on the student's account at the Office of Student Accounts and University Receivables. No student should fail to come for treatment because they do not have an immediate way of paying.