Relationship Quizzes & Exercises

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  1. Healthy relationships require a balance of intimacy and autonomy to thrive.  How does your relationship balance closeness and independence? Explore by answering questions about relationship diagrams.
  2. How connected do you feel to your partner?  What are the strengths in your relationship?  Try the following quiz from the Gottman Institute.“How well do you know your partner?” 
  3. What is your style for making bids for connection in your important relationships? How direct, forceful, or trusting is your way of letting your needs be known in order to connect?  Try the following quiz from the Gottman Institute. “Bids for connection:  The Building Blocks of Emotional Connection” 
  4. What are your values and needs in a relationship?  Try this interesting card sort to rank order how important certain qualities you have or experience in a relationship are to you.  It’s just as helpful to know what’s most important to you as well as what is not so important. You might start by doing this exercise on your own and then invite a close friend or intimate to do the exercise and share what you learn with each other.“Personal Values Card Sort